Free Consultation

Perfekt Me Speech Therapy Services, PLLC provides free consultation to potential clients and/or their parent(s).  The Speech-language pathologist, Yoshika W. Garner, meets with each potential client and/or his or her parent(s), via telephone or one-on-one video conference meeting, to discuss their specific needs and how they can be assisted.

Free Speech and Language Screening

Speech and Language Screenings are tools use to determine if a child is developing within the average range when compared to other children his or her age.  Screening tests identify conditions that might need further assessment.  The following abilities are often assessed:  receptive language, expressive language, articulation and phonology, voice, resonance, pragmatic language skills and fluency.  A standardized assessment tool is used to conduct the screenings, which is often performed quickly and is completed in approximately fifteen (15) to twenty (20) minutes.  Children who do not pass the screenings are recommended to receive further assessment and evaluation.  Perfekt Me Speech Therapy Services, PLLC provides speech and language screenings to potential clients 0 years to 7 years, 11 months of age, at no cost!  A screening request can be submitted by downloading and completing our online Speech & Language Screening Consent Form and faxing it to (281) 947-8485.

Applicable Assessment

Applicable testing is completed, by the Speech-language pathologist, to determine the specific area(s) of need.  Perfekt Me Speech Therapy Services, PLLC offers applicable asessment and treatment for a variety of communication disorders including, but not limited to, the following:

Tailored Therapy Plans and Goals

After the applicable testing is completed, the Speech-language pathologist meets with each client and his or her parent(s) to discuss the assessment results and to determine the appropriate individualized treatment plan, with specific treatment goals, catered to meet the needs of the client.

Therapy Visits

Speech therapy visits include direct treatment time and time at the end of each visit for parent consultation.  Speech therapy visits last approximately fifty (50) minutes, which includes forty (40) minutes of direct treatment and ten (10) minutes of consultation.  The frequency of visits, such as one (1) to three (3) times per week, is determined based on the client’s needs, the client’s schedule, the therapist’s schedule, insurance approval (if applicable) and the parent’s and/or caregiver’s financial responsibilities.

Therapy Details

Each therapy visit is provided by a state licensed and ASHA certified Speech-language pathologist.  1:1 therapy is delivered to each client in his or her natural environment and/or in a private practice setting.  Parental guidance and/or training is offered after each therapy visit so parents can adequately provide support, to their children, outside of therapy.  Online resources are available to clients and their parent(s) to access at any time.

The client will be regularly assessed by the Speech-language pathologist.  Also, the parent(s) will be informed of the client’s progress on a regular basis.  If there are any questions or concerns, please call (832) 736-8485 or email

Special Services

Perfekt Me Speech Therapy Services, PLLC now offers independent educational evaluations (for speech therapy) to parents of children who are confronted with the challenges of securing appropriate and fair school-based services and to school districts that need to demonstrate they have done everything possible to ensure fair and appropriate services have been provided to the children they serve.

An independent educational evaluation (IEE) is an evaluation that is conducted by a qualifed and licensed professional who is not employed by the local educational agency such as the school district.  Even though the local educational agency may have a list of evaluators that have been approved to conduct an independent educational evaluation, the parent is ultimately the person who selects the qualified and licensed professional to conduct the independent educational evaluation.  The qualified and licensed professional may or may not be listed as an approved evaluator with the local educational agency.  The parent has the right to select who he or she would like to conduct the evaluation.  

If you are a parent, advocate or school district seeking assistance in independent educational evaluation (IEE) services, please call (832) 736-8485 for additional information.



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