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May is Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM)

Greetings everyone!  May is “Better Hearing and Speech Month!”  Each May, BHSM provides an opportunity to raise awareness about communication disorders and the role of ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) members in providing life-altering treatment.  For 2017, our theme is “Communication:  The Key to Connection.”  Each week, I will be providing information regarding communication disorders as well as resources for you to keep and to share with others who may be interested in learning more!  I look forward to our many discussions!

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Ipads 4 Autism

Greetings everyone!  I would like to share with you information that came into my viewing regarding “Ipads 4 Autism.”  This organization is affiliated with the Easter Seals in Houston, TX and provides Ipads for children with autism who may not otherwise be able to afford them.  It also accepts donations of new or used (they refurbish if needed) Ipads or similar devices.  The website is and the contact person is Chris Benson at

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Some of the many great pediatric therapy sites!

Greetings everyone!  I attended a meeting on last week and received some very good information regarding pediatric therapy sites that I would like to share with you.  The sites are listed below:

*Talk It Up Therapy: (Authored by a Speech-language pathologist, Talk It Up offers practical suggestions for increasing language development, focusing on 1-8 grades).

*MamaOT: (offers kid-oriented ideas for sensory play, motor skills, toy recommendations and more.  There is also a Pinterest site)!

*Therapy Fun Zone:

*The Motor Story:


*Dino PT blog: (Here you will find creative gross motor treatment ideas, which was written by a PT).

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Web Tool Aims to Help Parents Identify Signs of Autism

Greetings everyone!  I would like to share with you a short article entitled, “Web Tool Aims to Help Parents Identify Signs of Autism.”  The article stated the following:

“A new free resource aims to help families and professionals identify the early signs of autism spectrum disorder in very young children.  “About Autism in Toddlers” (, a Web-based tool, features videos on core features of autism, challenges to early identification, how to recognize unusual behaviors and other information.
The tool, part of Autism Navigator, includes side-by-side video comparisons of two similar-age toddlers-one diagnosed with autism, one typically developing-to illustrate how they behave differently in the same play situation.
Autism Navigator is a collection of tools and courses that integrate current research into an interactive Web platform with extensive video footage to illustrate effective evidence-based practice.  Created by faculty and staff in the Autism Institute at the Florida State University College of Medicine, it also offers professional development courses for early intervention providers and primary care providers.”

*Information was derived from a short article posted in THE ASHA LEADER*

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Microsoft to Recruit Employees with Autism

Greetings everyone!  I want to share with you an interesting article I read entitled, “Microsoft to Recruit Employees With Autism.”

“Microsoft is planning a pilot program to actively hire people with autism spectrum disorder, the second techology company to launch a recruitment effort that specifically targets this population.
The company says plans are underway to hire people with autism for full-time positions at its Redmond, Washington, headquarters.
Microsoft said it will work with Specialisterne, a nonprofit that focuses on helping people with the developmental disorder apply their talents to work in the technology field, to facilitate the hiring effort.  The same company worked with SAP, a Germany-based software giant, to hire people on the spectrum in the United States and abroad.
Microsoft expects its program to include about 10 people with autism.  “Microsoft is stronger when we expand opportunity and we have a diverse workforce that represents our customers,” wrote Mary Ellen Smith, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of worldwide operations, in a blog post.  “People with autism bring strengths that we need at Microsoft,” she writes.  “Each individual is different, some have amazing ability to retain information, think at a level of detail and depth or excel in math or code.”
Smith, who has a 19-year-old son with autism, said that though a new pilot program is focused on autism, Microsoft is “passionate about hiring individuals of all disabilities.”

*Information was derived from an article posted in THE ASHA LEADER*

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Young Girl’s “meltdown” Caused her to be “kicked off” Plane, along with her mother, because Pilot felt “uncomfortable”

Greetings everyone!  I would like to share with you a disturbing video I ran across regarding a 13-year old girl, with Autism, and her mother who were basically kicked off a United Airlines’ flight due to the pilot feeling “uncomfortable” because the young girl had a “meltdown.”  I just think if these airlines and others were educated and trained in Autism Spectrum Disorders, this wouldn’t occur.  Autism Awareness shouldn’t be limited to one month out of the year.  Education should be consistent and ongoing!  The more we know about Autism, the better we are in understanding how it affects those who are on the Spectrum.  Take a look at this embarrassing moment for the young girl and her mother.


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Uniquely Human: A Different Way to See Autism and Create Pathways to Success

Greetings Everyone!  I would like to share with you an upcoming webinar, through PresenceLearning, entitled “Uniquely Human:  A Different Way to See Autism and Create Pathways to Succes,” which will be presented by Barry M. Prizant, Ph.D. on Tuesday, June 16, 2015.  The groundbreaking techniques revealed in this webinar are essential for teachers, special educators, and parents of children with Autism.  So, if possible, please join a nationwide audience as one of the world’s leading authorities on Autism shares research, stories and advice based on countless experiences with families and children with Autism and answer your burning questions.  Please, go to for additional information regarding this webinar.  Thank you for stopping by and I look foward to our many discussions and sharing of ideas!


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